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An experienced, Real Estate professional with local knowledge and proven results.

REINZ Statistics for the North Shore for the Month of May 2017


Median Sale Price


Number of Sales


Days to Sell


Each property is unique and so are their sellers. Because of this, Scott weighs up your situation and the type of property you are selling, in order to put together a customised marketing programme. This ensures that if a speedy sale is what you need, or a high price, it can be achieved with as minimal stress as possible. Advertising your property will usually involve a mix of traditional methods and modern methods.

Traditional Methods

Signage, flyers and print marketing are still very much an important part of many campaigns. You may have strong feelings about these and Scott is happy to talk you through the benefits and costs in order for you to make an informed decision.

Modern Methods

The Internet plays the biggest role in marketing a property for sale in the modern age. But there is more to it than simply placing it on the web. Most websites offer upgrade services that achieve more hits or views while social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in attracting buyers. Scott can advise the best combination of all media to get the best result for you.

Marketing Your Home


The sale price achieved is ultimately a factor of the level of interest achieved. All reasonable efforts should be made to draw buyers to the property. A well organised, professional presentation of your property across several forms of media will have the advantage of uncovering additional buyers from the market than a poorly presented marketing campaign.

Huge interest in a property can encourage competitive bidding or draw early offers with less negotiation required. Statistically speaking, your chances of achieving a premium price are on average linked to the quality and the reach of the marketing undertaken.

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Overcoming Objections


In a strong seller's market where buyers are plentiful and competition to buy very strong - many salespeople get lazy. When I was looking to buy recently, I found that very few salespeople actually called me to ask what level of interest I had in the property and whether they could overcome any of my concerns.

A follow-up phone call is an under-rated part of the selling process. When calling back potential buyers, I ask them do you have any further interest in this property?"" and if not, I work to understand what it is that is holding them back. After all, they saw enough in the marketing to decide to view or enquire but since having inspected the home they feel it does not suit. On many occasions buyers are able to be talked around when a solution can be offered - this is called objection handling and is an important part of a salesperson's ability to sell. Converting another buyer into a bidder could be crucial come auction day.

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Trained Professionals


This is one of the most important benefits to using a Real Estate Agency over selling your home privately. Real estate salespeople are professional negotiators, working to achieve the result the client wants. A skilled negotiator will be able to construct an agreement where others would have given up, or be able to achieve a premium for your property under the terms you require by reading a situation and using it to your advantage.

A skilled negotiator will literally add thousands to your sale price by simply choosing the right words to use and leveraging the positions of those on each side.It is important to also note that auctions often result in tense negotiations on the auction floor such as when a property does not meet reserve. Often both parties are under enormous pressure and try hard to protect their position. Negotiation skills are often one of the most underrated attributes of salespeople and consideration of this should be made when choosing a salesperson to work for you.

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Having a previous career as an analyst, Scott always likes to interpret the statistical housing data to understand why certain trends in the market are sometimes not reflected in the published statistics.  These are his latest articles from his blog page.

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What's my home worth?

Having begun to consider the future, a key piece of the puzzle is what your property may be worth in the current market.  Knowing what you may be able to capitalise from the sale of your home enables you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue your goal, or look for an alternative solution. What you may need from Scott is a current market appraisal. 

It can be a good idea to have Scott over early on in the planning stages. Once he has appraised your home he is able to inform you of future sales in the area and how those compare with your home.  He can do this for many years into the future as he will have an understanding of what type of home you have regardless of whether you make the decision to sell or not.

Should we auction it?

Several different marketing methods are available when choosing to sell your home.  The method chosen can add several tens of thousands of dollars to the sale price and should be given serious consideration.   A sale well above the reserve price at auction would indicate a good decision to choose this method but this may not suit all properties or all owners.

To find out more about which method of sale suits you and your home, download the 'Selling Made Simple' book available on this website or contact Scott to have him discuss your options with you.

What are the costs?

In order to effectively market your home for sale, there will be typically some investment in such things as photos and advertising. Contact Scott to discuss a plan for your property.

Upon a successful sale a fee is charged.  It is common for this fee to be taken from the deposit the buyer pays.  For more information on how our commission is structured and for a table of fees, please contact Scott today.

Property Investor?

As an investor, you want to know that your rental property, or portfolio of properties, is in safe hands. With Barfoot & Thompson, not only do you have the strength of Auckland's largest and most trusted real estate company behind you, you also have the peace of mind that property management experts are looking after your investment. 

They manage over 12,000 rental properties in Auckland and Northland and have dedicated property managers in 50 suburbs, so they have the scale and experience to help you. If you're not sure how much rent you should be charging, they can arrange a rental appraisal for your property.


- Scott Mackenzie

Choosing the right salesperson does make a difference to your overall result and Scott can help you get the return you are after. With commercial acumen, financial understanding and a unique team supporting him, Scott can use his skill set to benefit you. Scott has been exposed to real estate for much of his life and understands the culture and the experiences it offers. He is passionate about his job and this passion spills over into the service he provides for his clients.


Having listed and sold well over 200 properties,
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Scott has used his experiences in selling over 150 million dollars worth of property to put together a booklet on selling.  Selling a property will start with a personal goal that you would like to achieve.  This book outlines the key factors involved in achieving that goal in a simple to follow booklet. If you have had thoughts of selling then a fantastic starting point would be to read Scott's book.


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Barfoot & Thompson is still family owned and managed after more than 90 years in real estate. Built on the guiding principles of honesty, integrity and service, we still operate with those same values at the core of our business.

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